Yoga, Meditation & Workshops

Did you see our deal? We have a FREE YOGA CLASS every first TUESDAY of the month! Make sure to let your friends know too! 🙂

ENTRIES FEES (60 - 75 min. Class)

8,00 € | Single Entry
35,00 € |  5 Entries | 3 Months Expiry
60,00 € | 10 Entries | 3 Months Expiry 
Multisport is accepted + 2,50 € surcharge

Monthly Membership: 
40€ | 12 Yoga Entries | RECOMMENDED

We Reward Our Students 🙂

We like to reward you for coming to our classes every week! WELL DONE! And we would also like to support you in coming  more than once or twice a week... Because it is good for you.... 🙂

So, if you come 8 - 10 times a month - you can receive one of our amazing GIFTS every month
An essential oil, crystal stone, book, T-shirt, free class, free workshops...


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Our Yoga & Pilates Instructors

Victoria Fitz - Ayurveda Yoga

Victorias classes are in English. They focus on bringing harmony to the Chakras and Doshas of the Energetic Body


Nutrition through the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda
Over 500 h. of training in different techniques of Yoga, Thailand & Bali.
Astrology, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy

Eva Mamrillová joga Bratislava

Eva Mamrillová

Cert. Instructor Hatha Yoga
Cert. Instructor Yin Yoga
 Aroma Touch Technique
Yoga workshops

Andrea Peniaková

Cert. Instructor of PILATES
Cert. Instructor of Mindfulness Yoga
Cert. Instructor of Baby Balance
Currently on maternity leave

Monika Misik - Pilates Bratislava

Monika Mišik

Cert. Instructor of PILATES
Assoc. Instructor of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO (Mantak Chia)
Creative Therapeutical Dance Instructor

Our Heartfulness Meditation Trainers

CMW Terézia

Heartfulness Meditations for Schools, Companies, Public groups
Cognitive Development of Children Brighter Minds Ltd.
Cert. Instructor of Power Yoga (EU)

Mgr. Szabina Nemethová

Heartfulness Meditations for Corporations & Public groups
Soft Skills Trainer (Corporate Level)
Master's Degree in Psychology
2 y of online consulting
5+ y of development of young leaders

Mgr. Barbara

Heartfulness Meditations for Corporations & Public groups
Soft Skills Trainer (Corporate Level)