Heartfulness workshops in corporate companies focused on relaxation & meditation solutions.

  • Experienced trainers from the Heartfulness Institute organize regular meetings of relaxation and meditation.
  • These programs, called 'Science of Meditation', provide participants with a scientific view of relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Through meetings, participants learn not only to relax and meditate, but also to regenerate and become more resilient.
  • The goal of these meetings is to reduce stress in the workplace, improve productivity and teamwork.
  • Meetings are possible once a week, every other week or once a month.

What else is included in these programs?

Science behind:

  • Biology of stress
  • Focus
  • Biology of decision making
  • Basics of emotional intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Positive Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Highest performance


What can this change for your employees?


  • Reduce stress & burnout symptoms
  • Increasing concentration
  • Better decision making
  • Emotional inteligence
  • Better teamwork
  • Increased mental & emotional resilience
  • Work-life balance
  • Positive thinking


 We are leading workshops in several companies in Bratislava:

IBM, Lenovo, Amazon, AT&T, Call Center (CCC) etc...

Testimonials from companies.

"Heartfulness trainers provided IBM employees with high-quality relaxation and meditation meetings. In today's hectic time, it is more than important to help employees cope with daily stress and fatigue and prevent burnout in the office and at home. Participant feedback: Stress relief and increased concentration. Better work-life balance. Troubleshooting is easier. The sessions are relaxing. Without hesitation, I recommend the Heartfulness Institute as an organization providing highly professional meditation trainers. They are the benefit of any wellness program. “- IBM Wellness Coordinator
IBM Wellness Coordinator
Adient is happy to write this recommendation regarding cooperation with the Heartfulness Institute, which has been providing relaxation and meditation sessions in our premises for 2 years. Due to the high expectations and demanding environment to which employees are exposed, such quality wellness programs are crucial, and serve as equipment for employees with simple techniques to reduce stress and improve their well-being. Participants stated that the trainers were highly qualified, provided inspiring information and a very refreshing meditation experience. They noticed the benefits in particular in terms of reduced stress, peace, improved concentration and enthusiasm leading to a work-life balance. Such initiatives deserve to be experienced and used by all those who feel challenged by a very competitive business world and an increasing speed of life.
"When Heartfulness coaches came as speakers to our weekly staff meeting and led a Heartfulness session, the teachers said they felt like they were on vacation! Peaceful energy and expertise can change the feeling of the whole room for 60 people. Then the employees were so interested that we organized a group that underwent Heartfulness training.
American School QSI Bratislava

The Heartfulness way.

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Our certified trainers look forward to meeting you.

Terezka Makovcová

Terézia Makovcová

Szabi Nemethova

Szabina Nemethová

Alain Desvigne

President of the Hearfulness Institute France
CEO and co-founder of Amarenco Group
- leading independent renewable energy producers in Europe

Barbara Sonvilla

Heartfulness Meditation Trainer
Art Historian & Cultural Scientist
AALTO Innovative Teaching Idea Award Recipient

If you are interested in such programs in your company or institution, contact us via the form.

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Heartfulness has no religious focus or propensity for religion and is a simple practice that can be integrated into modern life. Heartfulness meditation can be practiced by anyone over the age of 15.