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Do you find that young generation experiences?

Attention problems, loss of confidence, lack of motivation, inability to memorise, passivity and fatigue, depression or anxiety? Do teachers or parents feel the same way sometimes?

What is our method?

Brighter Minds is an innovative method, with insightful content and powerful practices. We offer well researched practices to balance and understand the mind processes in an optimal way while activating the intelligence of the heart to expand on the inner qualities.

How can this program help you?


  • Gain better balance
  • Build cognitive abilities
  • Build self-trust
  • Harmonize brain functions
  • Improve concentration & memory
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase emotional awareness
  • Increase calmness
  • Improve intuition


  • Program includes 3 initial Heartfulness relaxation and meditation sessions - free of charge
  • Life long free meditation group
  • Connection with parents of similar interest
  • Better emotional awareness
  • Stress relieve & better sleep
  • New activities you can practice with your child
  • Relax center that you can visit anytime before & after the program

How will improving cognitive abilities manifest for my child and how will it help him/her in a daily life?

It can improve:

  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning Skills
  • Self-trust
  • Emotional Awareness
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What about science & us?

According to neuroscience, the brain can repair, regenerate or change in response to a stimulus (also called Brain’s Neuroplasticity). These stimuli can be sensory, motor, cognitive or emotional. Brain’s cognitive functions include processes such as  acquiring knowledge and understanding through thoughts, experiences, and the senses. Later attention, memory, judgement and evaluation, reasoning and calculation, problem solving and decision making, comprehension and language, are also part of it.
Brighter Minds integrates different techniques to stimulate cognitive development and positive brain neuroplasticity. During all our activities neural circuitry between the right and left hemispheres is improved and creation of new synaptic connections happens, dormant synaptic connections are activated. These strengthening of right/ left brain hemisphere connections and sensory enhancements improve learning, memory and unlock a deeper sense of self awareness.

Read the results of an online survey from parents whose children participated in the program.

We followed up on an online survey of random parents to find out what proportion of children actually showed changes. An important element for us to be able to systematically document and understand developments in children, from a programmatic point of view.
Of the 71 parents surveyed, almost 91% agreed that their children were calmer, more focused and more confident, with improved understanding and memory thanks to the BM program.
About 85% said their children were more emotionally stable and about 87% said their children's ability to share and understand feelings had increased.
About 93% of parents said they were satisfied and would likely recommend the program to other parents.

Still not sure?

Watch our Brighter Minds video.

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Frequently asked questions from our parents?

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Steps in the program?

  • Brighter Minds Brain and Eye Gym
  • Memory & Fine Observation games
  • Team building games
  • Dance, yoga, specific movement and sensory-motor activities
  • Simple breathing exercises
  • Relaxation music to improve thinking & creativity
  • Sensory substitution games
  • Tools to build emotional intelligence

How long is the Brighter Minds Alpha program?

The alpha program is a fun-filled 30-hour program divided into 10 weeks.
2 x per week for 1.5 hours
1 x per week for 3 hours

What do you get with the program?

  • Each student will receive a kit that includes Brighter Minds T-shirt
  • Colored balls, colored crayons and coloring books
  • Blindfold mask
  • A set of cards
  • An interactive parenting guide

What did the parents of children who went through the Brighter Minds program said about us?

- What did the Brighter Minds Program give to my daughter Sofia? "Since it is a program for the development of the right hemisphere and thus the development of all five senses, I gradually saw in it her, after about 4 weeks, that she had began to perceive her surroundings more. Although at her age (7 years) she is not so aware yet, her memory has improved, ie. she remembers faster and is more focused and calmer when learning. She wants to be more creative. She liked the program very much. She received a lifetime gift from us, which she will be able to use very nicely in the future. So I'm happy (as a mom) because it has fulfilled expectations from the program. ”
Mgr. Mária ČernickáSofia´s mom
"I recommend the program to all parents because it opens another door to the potential of every child. Both of my sons (6 and 9) joined the Brighter Minds program at the same time and have been really enjoying them since the beginning. Both used to be a little shy, but their course and progress in the program gradually improved. They especially enjoyed the group dynamics and activities associated with the programs. My younger son especially enjoyed blindfolded games and was very good at them. With his eyes closed, he could make out the colors of various objects. This is because his senses and mind were so open that they made such things possible. It's still the most interesting for me! "
Adda Illie, Simon and Filip´s momLenovo (Bratislava)
“Brighter Minds was a great opportunity for my son to develop all his senses and his self-control. He was so proud to wear a Brighter Minds T-shirt and show us his new skills. My favorite part was that the program gave my son the language he used to describe feelings and joys, he became more reflexive. Now I see that he is more able to control his disappointments and is more able to handle or ignore situations that do not go as he imagined.
Talley Lyn Sjoberg VarneyQSI, ECC Coordinator/School Counselor
My son Marek attends Brighter Minds courses at the American QSI, Šamorín. The courses help Marek find inner peace and serenity. After the course he is relaxed and feels comfortable. He is happy, singing and in a good mood. I expect this relaxation to be gradually transferred to all days. I rate the coach's approach as very accommodating, her impact on my son is positive. They have a good and friendly relationship. I believe that the courses will gradually increase Marek's self-confidence, as well as self-confidence and trust in himself and his abilities. ”
Zuzana NedeljakováMom of the student on QSI – American school, Šamorín
"My daughter Clarisse (6) participated in the Brighter Minds program and I saw changes in her behavior." She gained self-confidence, developed her memory and concentration skills at a high level, increased her creativity and improved her sensory approach. Every time she was really happy to go to the Brighter Life Center and watch the program. In addition, if I enjoyed it enough, the coaches' ability to encourage and motivate children and speak to them in a kind and respectful manner. I definitely recommend to all parents the Brighter Minds program for their children - it will be a real gift for their lives! "
Geraldine TriadouPresident of “Bratislava Accueil”

For registration or more information, please contact us via the contact form.

Who are we?

Brighter Minds is an educational initiative that offers cognitive brain training to children.
Our vision is that every child has the right of a fulfilling life, in an environment of appreciation and respect, and should be given the opportunities to become a radiant, innovative person who excels in all aspects of their life. Brighter Minds is an accelerator of change! 

We look forward to meeting you.

Lucie Nebehajová

Mgr. Lucia Nebehajová

Mgr. Ivana Strelcová

Bac. Silvia Matiašková