Povedali o nás / Testimonials

The Heartfulness Trainers have provided a high quality guided relaxation & meditation sessions to IBM employees. Nowadays, during the rush times, it is more than important to help employees to cope with daily stress and fatigue as well as prevent burnout both in the office and at home.
Participants feedback:
Stress relief & increase in concentration
Better work-life balance
Problem solving becomes easier
The sessions are relaxing
It is without hesitation that I recommend Heartfulness Institute as an organization providing highly professional meditation trainers. They would be an esset to any well-being program.

– IBM Wellness Coordinator

“My daughter Clarisse (6) attended the Brighter Minds program and i could see the changes after in her behaviour. She gained self confidence, developed her memory and concentration skills at a high level, increased her creativity and improved her sensory approach. She was each time really happy to go to the Brighter Life Center and follow the program.
On top if that I enjoyed a lot the ability of the trainers to encourage and motivate the kids and to speak to them in a nice and respectful approach. I definitely recommend to all the parents this Brighter Minds program for their kids – it will be a real gift for their life!

Geraldine Triadou, President of “Bratislava Accueil”, September 2017


Brighter Minds was a wonderful opportunity for my son to develop his senses and his self-control. He felt so special wearing the t-shirt and showing us his skills. My favourite part was that it gave my son a language to use when describing feelings and joy, he seemed more reflective. I see now that he is more able to control his frustration, and more able to negotiate or ignore situations that don’t go as he had hoped. I loved how friendly the teachers were. They really care for the children, and you feel like they really get to know them.”

– Talley Lyn Sjoberg Varney QSI, ECC Coordinator/School Counselor



I recommend the program to all the parents, as it opens another door to everyone child’s potential. Both of my sons (6 & 9) joined the Brighter Minds program at the same time and they have really enjoyed it from the very beginning. Both of them used to be a little shy, but their sense of self and their social skills gradually improved as the program went along. They have mainly enjoyed the group dynamic and the programs activities. My younger son especially enjoyed the blindfold games and he got very good at them. He was able to recognize colors of different objects with his eyes closed. And it is because his senses and his mind was so open, that such a things made possible. It is still the most interesting to me!”

Adda Ilie, Simon and Filips mom, Lenovo (Bratislava)


“Moj syn Marek navštevuje kurzy Brighter Minds na americkej QSI, Šamoríne. Kurzy pomahajú Marekovi nájsť vnútorný pokoj a vyrovnanosť. Po kurze je uvoľnený a cíti sa príjemne. Je šťastný, spieva si a má dobrú náladu. Očakávam, že sa postupne táto uvoľnenosť prenesie do všetkých dní. Prístup trénerky hodnotím ako veľmi ustretový, jej vplyv na mojho syna je pozitívny. Majú medzi sebou dobrý a priateľský vzťah. Verím, že kurzy postupne Marekovi zvýšia sebavedomie, ako aj vieru v seba samého a svoje schopnosti.”

Zuzana Nedeljaková, mama študenta na QSI – americkej škole

“Čo dal Brighter Minds Program mojej dcére Sofii?
Keďže je to program na rozvoj pravej hemisféry a teda aj rozvoj všetkých 5
zmyslov, postupne som na nej videla, asi tak po 4 týždňoch, že začína lepšie
vnímať svoje okolie. I keď vo svojom veku (7 rokov) si to ešte
tak neuvedomuje, vylepšila sa jej pamäť, tzn. rýchlejšie si pamätá a pri
učení je viac sústredená a pokojnejšia. Má chuť viac tvoriť. Program si
veľmi obľúbila.
Dostala od nás darček na celý život, ktorý bude vedieť v budúcnosti veľmi
pekne využiť. Takže teším sa (ako mama), lebo splnilo to to, čo program ponúka.”

Mgr. Mária Černická, Sofiina mama (Bratislava)

“Brighter Minds bola skvelá príležitosť pre môjho syna rozvíjať všetky svoje zmysly i jeho sebaovládanie. Bol tak hrdý, keď si obliekal Brighter Minds tričko a ukázoval nám svoje nové zručnosti. Mojou najobľúbenejšou časťou bolo to, že program dal môjmu synovi jazyk, ktorý používal pri popisovaní pocitov a radostí, stal sa viac seba reflexívny. Teraz vidím, že je schopnejší ovládať svoje sklamania a je schopnejší zvládať alebo ignorovať situácie, ktoré nejdú tak, ako si predstavoval.
Milovala som, aké priateľké boli učiteľky. Naozaj sa starajú o deti a máte pocit, že deti skutočne spoznajú.”

Talley Lyn Sjoberg Varney, Americká škola QSI, Bratislava, koordinátorka ECC / školská poradkyňa

“When Heartfulness Trainers came as a guest speaker to our weekly staff meeting and led a Heartfulness session teachers reported that they felt like they had been on vacation! The peaceful energy and expertise can change the feeling of an entire room of 60 people. After this, staff were so interested that we organized a group to go through the Heartfulness training.

The trainer was amazingly patient and dedicated. We have a mix of women from different ages and backgrounds. It was such a pleasure to get together and learn from them. Heartfulness has improved the wellness and energy of our teaching staff, which translated into happy and healthier adults that are more able to provide love and focus to the children they teach.

It is with enthusiasm that we recommend the Heartfulness Program to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. They have supported our staff greatly in the past year in terms of their trainings and sessions.”

– American School QSI Bratislava

” An Invaluable Resource For Becoming Heart-Empowered Individuals and Organizations and Resource For Heart-Centered Interactions!
“I cannot stress how impressed I am by the work of Brighter Life Center which is more and more relevant today than it has ever been. Their approach has provided me with an extraordinarily powerful practical framework for guiding and driving transformation in every aspect of my life.
It is hard to put a price on the qualitative improvement in my wellbeing and words cannot justify the most life-changing and empowering experience I have been privileged to attend. The sessions and processes have given me resilience to changing world, they allow me to embrace change in very healthy ways and to become the best person I can be.
There are so many great instructors, class styles to choose from, which is very important. The meditation sessions, training programs, classes, workshops, yoga, all are in perfect synchronicity.”

–  Linda Csefalvayova, Plus Academia english tutor and former Heritage Scientist committed to fostering science diplomacy and innovation

I finally found my place to be! from the moment you step in, you feel like home, surrounded by people who care, who are passionate about what they do, who welcome you like a good old friend. amazing classes, amazing teachers, amazing atmosphere! i just fall in love with the place!”

– Ralu Duda

I think is one of the best places in Bratislava where to engage in healthy activities. Enjoy great stuff. Interesting workshops and openess to new propositions from their clients.
I have tried there Karate for children and Self Defense and I am more that delighted. Waiting to have the chance to also try yoga and some other things.
Highly recommended.”

– Gabriela Ledesma

“I love the relaxing atmosphere here! We have taken part in many interesting activities for children and adults. We look forward to spending more time here and appreciate the friendly staff and accommodating service. This has been a great find for our family in Bratislava!”

– Jessica Bücher

Wonderful ambience and friendly staff. The best massages in Bratislava, with lovely tea afterwards. The center also offers a variety of wonderful workshops for children and adults. The best certified aromatherapist can also be found at the brighter life center. Full body wellness Is a lifestyle and the center definitely Meets the needs with the various workshops and yoga, massage mindfulness and meditation and lots more.”

– Jennifer Sturgeon