Sandra Weigl

Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.” (Josie Bisset)”

Never would I have imagined that I would become a yoga teacher myself when I walked into my first Chakra Evolution class a few years ago. At that point I felt like I had hit rock bottom, my body was full of stress, achy and I didn’t know what else I could try to make things better. I felt powerless and trapped in my body and had already tried a few alternative medicine options, none of which provided me with what I was looking for. Until I walked into that yoga class and realised it was exactly what I had been looking for, without even knowing it. I had tried a couple of other yoga classes before but they hadn’t sparked my interest. My first Chakra Evolution class, on the other hand, absolutely fascinated me. While in asana, I suddenly felt a tingling sensation in my left knee which I had injured many years earlier. Totally puzzled by what was going on did I hear the teacher say right in that moment that if we felt a tingling sensation it was our body needing healing in that place.

I was completely in awe and still remember that moment so well. From then on, I started going to the classes regularly and they became my favourite thing in the entire week. Very quickly did my body start to improve and to feel better. I still couldn’t comprehend what exactly was going on but I knew that I had discovered something very important, something that would change my life.

The restorative yoga classes I had been attending turned into Higher Self classes which opened up a whole new world for me – working with emotions, spirituality, Indian philosophy and connecting with a deep place in myself. I was amazed and I realised that I had finally found the complete picture. Any other form of treatment, exercise or even personal development had always only covered one aspect, one aspect separate from others, disconnected, giving only part of the picture. But yoga with Chakra Evolution covered and united all different aspects and gave me what I had needed – a safe place where I could heal. Because of going to yoga classes, I felt a lot better in my body and I could again do some activities and movements that I hadn’t been able to do for years. And believe it or not, even my height increased by three centimetres.

And bit by bit did I realise that the classes weren’t just helping me in a physical way but that I had also embarked on a soul journey, a path that has been absolutely magical and fascinating ever since. I have found yoga to be single most powerful way to bring about healing and change. And what I absolutely love about it is that it is so empowering. Instead of making one dependent on a teacher, therapist, medication or another form of treatment, it gives us the tools to take our healing into our own hands and to change our life for the better. We step out of the victim role where we feel we are confined to our current situation and realise that many things we had thought were impossible to change, lie actually in our power to change.

It has been a wonderful journey since yoga entered my life and I truly hope that, as a teacher, I can give back as much as I have gained and help other people make a similar experience as I have.

“Where there is Yoga, there is prosperity, success, freedom, and bliss.” (Light on Pranayama)”