Jekaterina Nikolajenko

Jekaterina Nikolajenko (Kat) truly believes that the best project you’ll ever work on is YOU. Passionate about face to face interactions, she works as an Accelerate Agile Champion coaching squads in the new way of work at IBM.

Kat is a Latvian living in Slovakia for more than 6 years. She studied law, but always had the tendency to develop others. After studies she spent beautiful 2,5 years working as a tourism guide at Porto Vine cellars in Portugal.

She came to Slovakia to support Latvian clients at IBM. Almost 2 years later found her affection as a soft skills trainer in Education Engine team for 4 years. While working as a trainer for about 5 years, she has noticed how many people are scared and uncomfortable to speak in public. In fact it’s the fear number 1 in the world based on some studies. She Joined Toastmasters Crossroads Club in Bratislava to constantly develop her own presentation skills.

She also loves to help others to unlock this power and help them to become better presenters. You can often see her smiling and laughing. She believes in the positive energy spreading by this simple action, and that’s why in 2015 she became certified as a Laughter Yoga leader. Aside the office job, she’s Poledance fitness trainer (with qualification degree of Fitness Trainer).

Kat is looking forward to help YOU to work on your best project 🙂

Her LinkedIn profile for more info