Jana Bernáth

Massage has been my profession for over 28 years. I decided to share everything I created that makes my massage the best.
My aim is to bring quality and culture to this profession. I want massage to become a natural way of healing in your home. Don't be afraid to start massaging your family. You do more damage if you don't.

Would you like to release tension, gain more energy and eliminate pain?
I have much more for you.

Masáže Bratislava

You will get a great massage, probably the best you have ever experienced and simple healing solutions at the same time. During my massage you will get answers directly from your body, how and what needs to be changed so that it does not hurt. I created a unique program of massage therapy and meditation in one. During the whole treatment, the body begins to heal much faster. Your mind will be as if in meditation. At rest, you will gain contact with your body and follow the healing and relaxation process during therapy. We will form one team in this massage therapy.

Benefits of my massage?

  • Muscles receive impulses for stretching and regeneration
  • This will allow the joint a greater range of motion without restraint and pain
  • Your body will come into balance
  • Healing energy will flow in your body
  • I choose quality essential oils for your massage = Aromatherapy makes the massage an unforgettable fragrant experience and enhances the healing effect

How does the massage work?

During the massage, your breathing will deepen. The mind calms down during the first few minutes. Your attention will always be where my hands will work. Energy will flow there with your attention. You will be directly in the healing process during the entire massage. How will you feel after the massage? What will improve? What can you expect? Everything you have kept in tension will be released. Mobility will be significantly improved. You will get rid of worries and the pain will subside. There is a feeling of joy and peace. You will gain more energy by opening energy centers and thus more strength and motivation to continue to take steps to improve health. You will experience the ease of your being.

Choose the date of the massage and experience the change immediately.

Book an extra 30 minutes for your massage and I will show you and teach you a few touches for your own massage. Just a few minutes of self massage to make you feel good every day. You can join us for Healthy Exercise or Meditation and Healing courses. I also have a Massage course for everyone, you will learn to do a great massage for your loved ones and yourself.