Space for Rent

Why and for whom is renting space in Brighter Life?

Suitable for corporate trainings, presentations, conferences, seminars & workshops.

  • Representative spaces at low prices
  • We are right in the center of Bratislava
  • Flexibility in renting
  • To choose from 1-4 rooms + reception
  • Possibility to rent the whole center, with reception and kitchen
  • Fully equipt rooms for corporate events and workshops

What can you find in Brighter Life Center?

Our Numbers

  • 4 rooms with size from 70 m², 40 m², 15 m² + reception
  • A total of up to 195 m2 for rent
  • Capacity to sit, in the largest room, up to 50 people
  • 4 minutes walk from public transport
  • Rent 7 days a week

Equipment and Services

  • Equipped kitchen with refrigerator
  • Quality coffee maker, coffee and tea during the rentals
  • 100 chairs, flipchart, smart TV, projector
  • Fast wifi network with a speed of 600/60 MB / S
  • Streaming & recording equipment
  • Yoga mats, blankets, blocks, massage loungers and a dressing room and shower

Choose the most suitable rental options for your need.

We are flexible and we will tailor rental to your needs!

Corporate events 

& hourly

Miestnosť na prenájom jogy Bratislava


& seminars

Workshopy Brighter Minds


Power yoga Bratislava

Trainings and Corporate Events.


  • Choose from 1-4 rooms + reception
  • Room sizes are 70 m², 40 m², 15 m² + reception
  • Hourly, all-day, weekend rentals and long-term rentals
  • Upon agreement, the possibility of renting the entire center
  • Fully equipped space
  •  Rentals of individual rooms starts at 10 €!

Full space equipment + technical equipment for streaming.

Room equipment

  • Equipped kitchen with refrigerator
  • Delonghi quality coffee maker
  • Coffee and Tea during the rental
  • Up tp 100 chairs
  • Flipcharts
  • Smart TV & Projector
  • Fast wifi network, with a speed of 600/60 MB / S
  • Yoga mats, blankets, blocks, dressing room and shower
  • 4 massage tables

For streaming & recording

  • Logitech C922 USB Webcam - Maximum video resolution 1920 x 1080, Automatic light correction
  • Lighting - Softbox 4x35 W bulbs that create soft daylight, suitable for creating high-quality video photos without glare
  • USB Microphone KLIM Rhapsody - the highest sound quality 360 ° shot
  • Wired microphone Boya - 3.5 mm Jack with 5m cable, quality sound for recording from a mobile phone
  • Rental of the ZOOM platform for online webinars and live broadcasting on FB, YouTube
  • Adjustable and telescopic stands for mobile phones
  • Possibility to rent a mobile phone, computer & recording assistance

Individual and hourly rent

4 fully equipped rooms

  • For a selection of 1-4 rooms
  • 2 large rooms for yoga, workshops and more
  • 2 smaller rooms for masseurs or individual sessions
  • Use our space for streaming and recordings of your online course
  • Rental of individual rooms start at 10 €!

Rooms for workshops and seminars

2 large and fully equipped rooms

  • To choose from 2 large rooms
  • Room sizes are 70 m² and 40m²
  • Hourly, full-day, weekend rentals and long-term rentals
  • Up to 100 chairs
  • Tables
  • Flipcharts
  • Smart TV & projector

Still not sure?

Feedback from those who were with us.

I felt very comfortable, relaxed on the course in the Brighter Life Center. I was able to find new perspective on the functioning of the human psyche. It's amazing that there are ways to change lives for the better. And Brighter Life offers that.
Bibiana Šalingová Buchelová
Thank you to the amazing patient dear teacher Terezka from the Brighter Life Center for passing on this amazing technique for unblocking beliefs, patterns, very fast & efficient... Thank you Brighter Life Center for being there.
Andrea Hlavatá

Photos directly from our courses, workshops and company events.

 Price list for renting rooms and equipment.

Room 70 m2
1h - 18€
Room 60 m2
1h - 15€
Room 15 m2
1h - 12€
Massage room & massage table
1h - 12€, 1 1/2h - 15€, 2h - 18€
10€ from 1 - 100 Chairs
5€ without paper, 10€ with paper
Projector LG
Sound system 5 speakers, bluetooth wifi speaker
5 - 10€
Massage Table
10€/ Table a for a day 3 Tables to borrow
Coffe Machine
10€ - Day / Without coffe

* for long-term cooperation, it is possible to agree on the price individually

Price list of technical equipment.

USB Webcamera Logitech C922
1h 3€ - 8h - 10€
Lightning - Softbox 4x35 W
Soft daylight suitable for creating high-quality video photos without reflections.
1h 5€ - 8h - 12€
Boya wired microphone
You don't know how to set up the equipment
1h 1€ - 8h - 8€
USB Microphone KLIM Rhapsody
Highest sound quality 360 ° shot
1h 2€ - 8h - 9€
ZOOM platform for streaming
1h 2€ - 8h - 9€
Adjustable and telescopic stands
When renting a camera or microphone
Technician and recording assistant
Not sure how to set up the equipment? Possibility to rent a mobile phone and a computer with recording assistance.
1h - 12€

* with each hour, the price increases by only one euro

* for long-term cooperation, it is possible to agree on the price individually

Do you have any questions? Please, contact us via the form.

Vaše osobné údaje budú použité len na účely vyriešenia vášho dotazu. Zásady spracovania osobných údajov

How do you find us?

How do you get to the Brighter Life Center?

We are located right in the city center with public transport. Several trams and buses run until late in the evening.

Bus / tram stops:
Kapucínska / Zochova / Poštová / Námestie SNP / Kamenné Námestie
(Our center is a 3-4 minute walk from these places.)

By car:
Paid underground parking is available nearby.
Paid street parking: SNP, Zamocka, Pilarikova, Zochova, Palisady

Our building is located next to the pizza bistro.