Individual Session of  Access Bars®.

Why Access Bars® and how it can help?

In today's age of change, a fast lifestyle and endless possibilities, we have been given the means and tools in the form of processes that allow us to live our lives easier, more peacefully and more consciously. One of the tools that can help us with this is the Access Bars® technique.


  • Access Bars® is a gentle touch technique that relaxes the mind and body. Bars are 32 points on the head, in which all our thoughts, emotions and attitudes that were important to us at different stages of life are stored. When we start the "Bars" process, it's as if we pressed the "delete" key on the computer.
Access Bars Bratislava

An image with 32 points where our thoughts, emotions and beliefs from different areas of our lives are stored.

How does it work?

By touching the Access points, the electromagnetic charge in our body is released. By dissipating our thoughts, feelings and emotions, Access Points allow us to perceive our body, relationships and things around us with greater clarity and ease. During the flow of the Bars, brain waves slow down and correct, leading to the elimination of patterns of our behaviors that we carry in us since our childhood. We are gradually becoming more present in the present life and our past is not reflected in our future as before. By activating your Bars, you are literally changing the probability of future options.


Access Bars® has helped thousands of people change their lives in a number of ways, including problems with stress, anxiety, sleep, health, monetary problems and relationships.

Imagine being able to know ourselves, not just by what we like or dislike, or by what is "right" and "wrong" with us?

  • Removing blocks on mental, emotional and physical level
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improving concentration and communication
  • Conscious creation of life and harmonious relationships
  • Immune system support
  • Eliminating migraines and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Restoration of digestion
  • Less fatigue and lethargy

Still not sure?

Take a look at the references from our participants.

I felt very comfortable, relaxed on the course. The whole thing was really very interesting, I got a whole new perspective on the functioning of the human psyche. It's amazing that there is a therapy that changes lives for the better.
Bibiana Šalingová Buchelová
Thank you to the amazing patient dear teacher Terezka, for passing on this amazing technique for unblocking old beliefs, patterns, points of view🙏🕊️💫
Andrea Hlavatá

Terezka Makovcová

She lived abroad for over 13 years and devoted herself to self-development, Heartfulness meditation and in 2017 she also became the Heartfulness meditation trainer. She started practicing Access Bars method more than 4 years ago and upon her return to Slovakia she founded the Brighter Life Center. She was one of the first people to spread the method of Access Bars®, then Heartfulness meditation in Slovakia. She changes the lives of hundreds of people thanks to her kind, caring and joyful energy and the methods she is sharing.

1 session
50 Euro
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1 session 75 minutes