Terézia Makovcová

"From my very childhood, I have felt a very deep interest in self development & science. They are two inseparable things in our life. I believe in scientific knowledge and a practical approach to life that can strike a balance like the two wings of an eagle.”

Tereza is a well versed and experienced professional in the field of management and health care. She spent over 13 years living and travelling abroad where she gained valuable experience, in the form of both formal and practical character, a combination that is making her a strong asset to our core team. She became a Heartfulness Meditation practitioner in 2008 and in pursuit of a spiritual practice she travels to India frequently. During her trips, Tereza had several opportunities to participate in spiritual research training programs conducted at several meditation centres under the Sahaj Marg (Natural Path) system. In 2017 she underwent training to become a Heartfulness meditation teacher.

She enjoys sports activities like skiing, cycling, hiking and yoga. She practiced modern dance for almost 8 years and participated in many national competitions.

She is the main coo-creator of Brighter Life Center with her main focus in the Brighter Minds Program - cognitive development for children, Heartfulness Meditation & Access Consciousness.


  • Certified Heartfulness Meditation Trainer
  • Certified Brighter Minds Ltd. Program Facilitator
  • Licencing Provider for Brighter Minds Ltd. Program 
  • Certified Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator
  • Certified Healthcare Assistant (specializing in elder care)
  • Certified EU Sport Specialist – specializing in Power Yoga

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