Monika Misik

The Journey Therapist, Pilates Instructor

She devotes herself in self-development education and practice for more than 10 years. Understanding that the body and the psyche are closely connected led her to study techniques that cultivate both. She is an accredited The Journey therapist, Pilates Instructor, practices the complex chinese philosophy of TAO within the Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia) system and creative therapeutic dance.

"I have started to work on my self-development, as most people do, during the not easy time of my life. I went through various courses, seminars, workshop and working with shamans. I was able dive more and more inside of myself, discovering  the nooks and crannies in myself.  Step by step I have changed and it was reflected in my surroundings, in the people who came to my life or left it, and in the situations I was attracted to. The Journey therapy was important part of this process, it was very effective and healing. Due to this effect on myself I have decide to mediate this great method to other people as well. So if  you feel the call, it will be an honor to accompany you on this journey.


  • Acredited therapist of The Journey method
  • Asociated instructor of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO (Mantak Chia)
  • Certified Instructor of PILATES
  • Currently at the training of Creative Therapeutical Dance instructor



Through the interview, we reveal unhealthy patterns of your behavior, experienced beliefs and masks that "protect" you, but are counterproductive. Thanks to self-understanding, awareness and feeling, you will gradually get rid of what prevents you from living a life of acceptance and freedom.

Duration: 45 min.
35 € = 1x Consultation / 160 € = 5x Consultation (save 15 €) / 280 €  = 10x Consultation (save 65 €)

It is an effective way to get rid of our blocks and the limitations that prevent us from living a life of freedom and authenticity. You will "recognize" your masks and dysfunctional patterns, which prevent you from living your life authenticaly and in acceptance. Through your connection with your inner self, you will feel and experience a significant change. It is a beautiful and liberating process. At the same time, you get a practical and effective tool, which help you to go through the more challenging moments of everyday life. The number of completed therapies is not defined, it only depends on your feeling and need, whether the therapies will be at regular intervals, randomly as needed, or one session will be enough for you.

Duration: 2 hours

85 € = 1x Therapy / 225 € = 3x Therapy (you save 30 €) / 360 €  = 5x Therapy / (you save 65 €)

Options (Consultations; The Journey Therapy):

INDIVIDUAL: in case of interest, it is possible to arrange lessons individually. We will learn Pilates principles, how to breathe properly and especially posture for performing individual exercises.
CORPORATE classes: Do you have a „team“ of people at your company, who would like to train Pilates? No problem, just set a date when it suits you and we can start 😊.
GROUP classes: are you a group of at least 5 people? Would you like to practice Pilates at day and time that suits you? We can agree on conditions that are comfortable for you, so you do not have to adapt to normal commercial times.