About us - Core Team

CEO and Specialist

Terézia Makovcová

What can she help you with?

  • Heartfulness Meditation Programs for Schools, Corporations & Public
  • Cognitive Development for Children in Schools & on individual level, via franchise licenses Brighter Minds Ltd.,
  • Facilitator of Access Bars® & Access Body Processes
  • Yoga Teacher 

Advice and support in emotional health, university planning, educational advocacy and homeopathic care.

Talley Sjoberg - Varney, MSW

What can she help you with?

  • University Application Support
  • Developmental Support
  • Family/ School Advocacy
  • Educational Counseling
  • Clearly Sage Organics

Cert. Heartfulness Meditation Trainer

Mgr. Szabina Nemethová

What can she help you with?

  • Heartfulness Meditation Trainer for Corporations & Public groups
  • Soft skills Trainer (corporate level)
  • Master's Degree in Psychology
  • 2 years of experience with online consulting
  • 5+ years of development of young leaders
Radek Malovaný

Radek Malovaný

What can he help you with?

I am helping people with body pain, LACK OF ENERGY, a weak IMMUNE system; health problems caused by inbalance in the body.

  • Certified Nutrition and Supplementation Consultant
  • ESSE Method Practitioner
  • Access Bars Facilitator


Bioresonance and Nutrition Specialist

RNDr. Eva Tóth, MSc

What can she help you with?

  • Bioresonance Health Diagnostics
  • DNA Analysis
  • TRE® Method
  • The Journey Method
  • Stress Management
  • Trainings and Workshops

Jana Bernáth

What can she help you with?

  • Based on my 28 years of experience and constant personal development, I use many treatment techniques in my Massage Therapy
  • Healthy Back Exercise SM System
  • Healing Massage Courses
  • Meditation Classes

Massage Therapist

Bc. Marek Rattaj

What can he help you with?

  • Massage Therapy
  • Integrative Coaching
  • Individual Lessons of Hatha Yoga
  • Individual Lessons of Universal Healing Tao
  • The Journey Method by Brandon Bay
  • Meditation Seminars
  • Professional Teambuilding

Monika Misik

What can she help you with?

  • Accredited Therapist of The Journey method by Brandon Bay
  • Ascociated Instructor of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO (Mantak Chia)
  • Certified Instructor of PILATES
  • Currently in training for Creative Therapeutical Dance Instructor

Programs for Children and English Lessons

Lucia Nebehajová

What can she help you with?

  • Brighter Minds Program for Children Trainer
  • English Language Lessons
  • Happy English

Yoga & Pilates Instructors

Victoria Fitz

Nutrition through the ancient medicine Ayurveda
 More than 500 hours of training in different techniques of Yoga from Thailand and Bali
 Astrology, Crystal healing, and Aromatherapy

Monika Misik

Certified Instructor of PILATES
As. Instr. of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO (Mantak Chia)
Accredited Therapist of The Journey Method
Currently in training for Creative Therapeutical Dance Instructor

Eva Mamrillová joga Bratislava

Eva Mamrillová

Certified Instructor of Hatha yoga
Certified Instructor of Yin yoga
 Aroma Touch Technique
Heartfulness Meditation Coach

Andrea Peniaková

Cert. Instructor of PILATES
Cert. Instructor of Mindfulness Yoga
Cert. Instructor of Baby Balance
Fitshaker – Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Currently on maternity leave

 Special Guests

Alain Desvigne

President of the Hearfulness Institute France
CEO and co-founder of Amarenco Group
- leading independent renewable energy producers in Europe

Barbara Sonvilla

Heartfulness Meditation Trainer
Art Historian & Cultural Scientist
AALTO Innovative Teaching Idea Award Recipient

Martina Jauk

Heartfulness Meditation Trainer
TRE® Level II Provider
Certified Ayurveda Yoga Teacher
Cert. Naturopath & Pilates Trainer
Metabolic Balancing & Phytotherapy

Erándeni Súchil Pérez

Director, Global Indirect Tax
Johnson Controls
Heartfulness Meditation
- Corporate Coach

Jekaterina Nikolajenko

Presentation & Soft Skills Trainer
Accelerate Agile Champion
Coaching squads at IBM