What will meditation change for you and your surroundings?

Humanity’s way forward is through the heart.
Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. Through our network of thousands of global HeartSpots we offer the world a daily practice that awakens our potential for simple, joyful existence.

Why meditate with Heartfulness techniques?

Connecting with the heart means immersing yourself in a silent source of openness and peace, being a witness without judgment.
Participants experience:

  • significant increase in joy, peace & harmony
  • improving personal & family relationships
  • improving the ability to manage emotions and make decisions
  • reduce in anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative attributes
  • sleep improvement

Heartfulness program for students.

  • Experienced trainers from the Heartfulness Institute organize 8 week long certified Relaxation & Meditation Programs 'Science of Meditation'
  • Students over the age of 15 can participate in these programs
  • Through scientific studies, they discover the benefits of relaxation and meditation in relation to various areas of their private and student life
  • Students learn practical techniques of relaxation, rejuvanation & meditation exercises
  • These hours can count towards volunteer work and CAS hours
  • We offer classes for a closed groups of students at your school

What can it change for students?

  • Ability to calm down
  • Ability to work with stress & emotions
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Connect to inner self
  • Develop creativity
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase empathy, tolerance & patience

Testimonials from students.

„I think it was nice to have a real person guiding me through the meditation instead of a video."
American School QSI Bratislava
"How calm and relaxed they made me feel,I could really feel myself and connect with them."
American School QSI Bratislava
"I loved the beginning meditation that we did to center ourselves!"
American School QSI Bratislava
"I really enjoyed miss Tereza’s guided meditations!!"
The American International School · Vienna
"I liked the meditation part at the start and at the end because it made me feel more calm and made me forget my worries for a while"
The American International School · Vienna
"I found the topics really interesting and applicable into my life. Everything was easy to understand and follow.."
"I loved the presentations, they were very informative and helpful, I also loved the meditation and breathing exercises which have helped me during stressful situations."

We have been working with schools in Bratislava, such as BISB, QSI, CIS.

The Heartfulness way.

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Our certified trainers look forward to meeting you.

Terezka Makovcová

Terézia Makovcová

Barbara Sonvilla

Szabi Nemethova

Szabina Nemethová

Alain Desvigne

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Your favourite meditation app

Let’s meditate is now : Heartsapp!

HeartsApp by Heartfulness facilitates guided practices of Heartfulness tools; relaxation, rejuvenation, and meditation with the yogic transmission. It enables you to find inner self and connects with heart.

HeartsApp - Herfulness

Heartfulness has no religious focus or inclination to religion and is a simple practice that can be integrated into modern life. Heartfulness meditation can be practiced by anyone over the age of 15.