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Access Consciousness® 

Access Bars® 

Are you dissatisfied with your life and can't move on?

Access Bars® is a gentle touch technique that relaxes the mind and body. Bars are 32 points on the head in which all our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are stored.

Body processes

Have you tried different methods and are you still have problems with your body and your life?

Processes that can facilitate change and transformation in the body, both physically and mentally. People all over the world report dynamic changes in life with Access body processes.

ESSE is not a massage


Do you have pain in the back, elbows, knees or whole body?

It is a unique method based on the relaxation of the fascia (covering whole muscles ), which is used by physiotherapists and is combined with energy work, thanks to which the healing effect multiplies and gets exactly where it needed.

Access Body Processes® 

What do you and your body is choosing?
What if you are the embodiment of joy, lightness and abundance?

An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body and then asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body. 

Watch a video about body processes and if you want to add a subtitles in settings of the video.

All destructive feelings and thoughts are stored in the body and over time manifest themselves on a physical level as a disease. Psychologists say that the traumas (physical and mental) of our ancestors are transferred to the memory of our cells. And no matter how crazy it sounds, sometimes we unknowingly work to make us sick, because the disease brings us some advantage.

What is your relationship with your body? What if these processes could address the body's creative consciousness and unlock the body's natural ability to heal?

We invite you to greater lightness, softness, greater strength and more fun with the body. What if your body was a compass or a guide to the mysteries, secrets and magic of life?

Access Consciousness has discovered more than 50 body processes - energies that can allow the body's change and transformation. Each of these dynamic processes can act as new energy flowing through the body.

Are you interested trying out body processes?

Individual sessions with our experts.


3 hour training - learning of individual processes for everyone.



How does a 3-hour training works and what do you learn?

  • The facilitator Elena Pekárová will guide you through the training.
  • Introduction to the body process, practical part exchange 1x process you will receive and you will give 1x.
  • After completing the training, you will receive an internationally valid certificate of completion.
  • Refreshments provided.

How do you get to the Brighter Life Center?

We are located right in the city center with public transport. Several trams and buses run until late in the evening.

Bus / tram stops:
Kapucínska / Zochova / Poštová / Námestie SNP / Kamenné Námestie
(Our center is a 3-4 minute walk from these places.)

By car:
Paid parking is available nearby.

Our building is located next to the pizza bistro.

Choose from the list of body processes.

Correction vision

What are you unwiling to see if yu would see it would change everything?

Joy of embodiement

Would you like to have more joy with your body.

Become and infinite space.

The body process for greater ease of being yourself and infinite possibility become more expandet.

Dissolving emotions locked in fat cells.

What have we locked into our cells? Is it time to afford to live life to the fullest and let go of emotions that do not serve us?

Square root of minus one

A body process that changes the immune system so that we are not weak to be sick, excellent for colds, flu but also arthritis.

Total immunity of a human disease (stupidity)

It looks like it's currently mandatory tool for a happy life :-)

More advanced Access Consciousness® trainings.

1-day certified

Access Bars® course

Access Bars® is a gentle touch technique that relaxes the mind and body. Bars are 32 points on the head in which all our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are stored.

1-day certified
Access Energetic faceliftTM course.


A gentle soothing touch on your face and neck, works with the cells of your body, renews, revitalizes and rejuvenates the whole body.