Comprehensive Health Diagnostics
with Sensitiv Imago 530 & Rifetech Plazma Treatment. 

What is Bioresonance?

The Sensitiv Imago 530, together with Lifestream software, is a unique diagnostic, analytical, testing and healing technology that allows you to perform a complete analysis of the human body with revolutionary 96% accuracy without disturbing the human body.

Eva Toth biorezonancie

 What can it help with?

Sensitiv Imago 530 received the prestigious GOLD MEDAL award for the best medical diagnostic device in 2009 in Plovdiv at an international technical conference. This device can be used as a basis for serious scientific work.

  • Detection of pathology in the body, the degree of its possible development and the potential for deterioration
  • Non-invasive microflora analysis detecting the presence of viruses, bacteria and other parasites
  • Identification of contaminants in the body (mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and nitrates, fungicides, heavy metals)
  • Evaluation of the degree of accumulation of dangerous food additives ("E's")
  • Detection of possible allergens and reasons for their occurrence
  • Detection of the most weakened systems in the body
  • Detection of possible diseases in their initial stage
  • Identification of the most effective direction of healing based on the condition of the individual
  • Identification of individual risk processes in the body
  • Identification of predisposition to the disease
  • Evaluation of biological activity of microflora, extent of its activity and division of occurrence zones
  • Monitoring and identification of changes in organs: inflammation and degeneration
  • Evaluation of acid-base balance in tissues
  • Evaluation of the degree of energy-information impact on the organism
  • It allows the right selection and testing of foods, nutritional supplements, medicines, herbs and mineral stones
  • Possibility of health support (frequency compensation, BRT, bio-impedance) -Individual energy correction of organs and systems

How does it work?

The renowned 96% accuracy of Sensitiv Imago diagnostics is based on 3 lines of sensors that take part in the measurement.

Using Patented SBA-Sensors (Sensitive Bi-Stable Analyzers), they read information from the subcortical area in the brain where the biological response between cells and the brain occurs. It is scientifically proven that all vegetative functions in the human body are part of this biological response with this part of the brain.

Using SBA-sensors, we obtain data on the functioning of all human systems - respiratory and digestive, skeletal and bone, endocrine and immune, nervous and vascular, urogenital and sensory (eyes, ears, hair, teeth and nails).

Handheld sensors read information from tissues and the extracellular matrix (ECM). Tissues and ECM serve as an additional information field, which is manifested by the presence of microbiological processes, parasites, viruses, infections and various homotoxins.

The quasi-sensors are responsible for reading the environment, comparing the measurement results with the patient's results, and automatically filtering out any non-patient electromagnetic signals. Therefore, the well-known errors that occur in other, especially cheaper diagnostic technologies, by which external signals get into the diagnostic data, are eliminated.

What is the purpose of the scan?

The result of the health analysis using Sensitive Imago 530 is a report that includes a list of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites), heavy metals and chemicals, or other loads (eg electrosmog). The report describes the most weakened authorities / systems in which the burdens are located. Based on the results, specific recommendations for the improvement of health status and overall regeneration are subsequently developed.

How to prepare for diagnosis?

Instructions before the planned diagnostic examination with the Sensitiv Imago 530:

  • Do not eat 2 hours before the examination
  • Drink only clean water without bubbles
  • Heavy food and alcohol consumption are not recommended on the day of measurement. It is necessary to limit the drinking of coffee and other caffeinated beverages, especially before the examination
  • Contraindications to the use of the device are a pacemaker, epilepsy, acute viral disease, pregnancy, treatment with antibiotics or corticosteroids. It is advisable to order the measurement up to about 3 weeks after taking antibiotics or corticosteroids. Long-term use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Panadol, Ketonal, Tramal…) is also not suitable.
  • Children can be diagnosed from the age of about 3-4 years (depending on whether they can stay still for about 30 minutes and hold the sensors in their hand. If necessary, they can take a break during the measurement).
  • Before measuring it is necessary to fold all metals, earrings, watches, chains, belts, piercings or metal glasses

More about our expert Doc. Mgr. Alishia Gajić

Doc. Mgr. Alishia Gajić

Each area you live in has its own .. different climate, varied diets, sun, droughts or wind or humidity - mostly in the form of insects in the size of "XXL" . Various types of allergies, inflammations, doctors, therapists, dentists .. and when treated I would go only and only the alternative way. Now I know that one must constantly take care of oneself - deacidification, deworming, "deworming" from parasites, etc.
I always felt closer to Eastern medicine, so I gradually started studying it and practicing it on myself and my family, through literature, studies, reviews. At first, these applications were quite clumsy and unusual for the family, but when they began to bear fruit, doubts disappeared.

I became deeply interested in complex naturopathy, mainly due to the crazy experience of my husband's mother's malignancy, which lasted for 4 years, and we just watched, payed and believed that those convincing doctors with mega-doses of farms will save her. But the opposite was true, and this has further "pushed" me not to stand and just watch, but to act and practice from the point of view of naturopathy.

The complete counseling that I provide in bioresonance & in the field of frequency naturopathy is at a professional level in accordance with holistic nutrition according to the current needs of the organism. I use years of experience in the field of naturopathy, knowledge of physiotherapy, muscles from the professional practice of sports and nutrition coaches, but also organs from the perspective of "Eastern" medicine, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. From all this emerges an interesting connection between new Western practices versus the millennial Eastern proven study.

My goal is for the client to feel better and better not only in terms of health with great results, but mainly for the body to achieve harmony in these three areas: physical, mental and emotional.
This interplay is the most important! Not only for you clients, but for your whole family and surroundings. Because such energy only reflects satisfaction and the best feedback. And we all deserve that.
Doc. Mgr. Alishia Gajic

Rndr. Eva Tóth Msc.

"I originally wanted to study botany at the faculty, but when I got into human physiology, my next path was clear. I was fascinated by the perfection of the human body, such a complex of neuro-endocrine processes, chemical mechanisms and laws… "

Eva studied Biology at the Faculty of Science, Comenius University, specializing in physiology and ethology.

After school, she continued her doctoral studies, spending a year at the Medical Faculty of Comenius University, at the Institute of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry. At the department she dealt with the issue of natural antioxidants and their ability to scavenge free radicals. Subsequently, she defended her doctorate in natural sciences at the P.J. Šafárik University in Košice. She had rigorous work focused on the management of allergic rhinitis.

After her studies, her steps went to the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked for more than 10 years in various professional positions. In 2018, she left the pharmaceutical industry and began to gradually develop her own visions. He gradually founded the Institute of Vitality - Heltens, which focuses on counseling and courses in the field of healthy lifestyle.

Some practical info:

You find us: Brighter Life Centre, Hurbanovo námestie 5, Bratislava
Times for sessions: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Send us your questions to:, +421 948 944 784

Price list:
Complete Scan and Bioresonance Therapy
Price: 130 Eur / 2 hours
Check-up: after about 3 - 4 weeks
Price: 80 € / 1.5 hours
Separate Bioresonance Therapy:
Price: 40 € / 45 min.

Recommended follow - up treatment with
Rifetech Plasma Generator.

Electromagnetic therapy can be used as adjunctive therapy in all diseases where microbial origin is proven or presumed.
Rifetech Plasma is an opportunity to significantly affect diseases caused by parasites, bacteria or viruses. The bodies of microorganisms are made up of organic molecules that can absorb and respond to the radiation they emit. If such radiation is sufficiently amplified, it can destroy these microbes.

How does it work?


Each pathogen has its own frequency and is able to change it (but only at a certain interval), it is a way of survival. These pathogens are the cause of various diseases. Manifestations that you may then experience are: chronic fatigue, itching, mold, flame, digestive problems, bloating, joint, muscle and headaches.

This method is based on the research of microbiologist Dr. Raymond Rife, who lived in the last century.
Rife observed that every microorganism died at a certain frequency. He exposed pathogens to these frequencies using a plasma emitter and watched them sway, disintegrate and die. He was the first to describe the phenomenon of so-called leomorphism - the transformation of a pathogen in a certain (acidic) environment into another pathogen. Therefore, we now know that pathogens become more dangerous in an over-acidified organism, mutating into a more pernicious form.

Parasites, bacteria and viruses, fungi, these are all pathogens that this method solves very easily and practically immediately, painlessly and effectively.

Living cells are made up of ions, polar or charged molecules, membranes and organelles, react to electric fields and currents and often generate them themselves.

Despite the fact that we detect only the light component of the Plasma with the naked eye, it is necessary to emphasize that in terms of efficiency the Plasma uses mainly electromagnetic oscillating fields, whose action has a purely physical nature and their influence at the cellular level is studied by bioelectrodynamics.


Elimination of Pathogens:

Thanks to the detection of the presence of pathogens using the Sensitiv Imago 530, we set the frequency of the pathogen in a targeted manner. We then dispose of it using the Rifetech Plasma Generator, which uses the principle of contactless frequency transfer according to the inventor of this method of selective destruction of microorganisms - Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. In this way, we eliminate pathogens in a targeted manner on the entire specific frequency interval on which the pathogen is able to "live" / change its frequency. Each pathogen has its own frequencies.

Some practical information:

You will find us: in the Brighter Life Center, on Hurbanovo námestie 5, in Bratislava
Dates: by appointment only
Session times: 8:00 - 19:00
Write / call your questions and orders at:, +421 948 944 784

Price list:
Recommended: 3 - 6 sessions, depending on acuteness
Price: 60 Eur / 2 hours
The sessions can be repeated 2 to 5 days apart

Contraindications: pacemaker, metal implants, the first 3 months of pregnancy

After plasma, we recommend detoxification - excretion of toxins & pathogens. Better drinking regime and alkalization of the body.