Teagan Fone

“Yoga has been an core pillar in my own life for the past eight years. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing the magic of the practice with others. In my flow-based classes, I strive to balance a sense of grounding, restoration and self-love, with lightheartedness and playfulness.”

My background is principally in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. I trained in Kerela, in the south of India – and since 2016, I have revisited this beautiful country every year, so as to reconnect with the root essence of yoga (and of course, to enjoy all of the amazing cuisine and culture). At its core, I believe that yoga brings us home – home to ourselves. it allows us to foster a deep understanding, acceptance and loving-kindness towards ourselves and those around us.

Off the mat, my passions include:

– Meeting new people and connecting through meaningful and inspiring conversations.

– Being in outside and in the natural world, particularly through hiking and camping.

– Acro Yoga and partner acrobatics

– Travelling the world and soaking up the wonders of new places.

– Getting lost in a good novel.

– And enjoying a decent cup of tea!

‘Yoga’ derives from the sanskrit term ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘Union’. Thus, I really strive to make my classes a space where we can unite not only with our breath, our bodies, and with the best versions of ourselves – but also where we can unite with each other, by fostering joy, connection and friendship through shared movement.

I cannot wait to see you on the mat!