Talley Sjoberg Varney

Talley Sjoberg Varney has been in education for 20 years working in positions ranging from Early Childhood to Secondary Education. She has worked in US Public Schools with refugee populations and spent nine years working with Native American communities in rural areas throughout the United States. Talley was honored with the Indian Health Services Commitment to Children award for work on the Navajo Nation. She holds a certification in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, an IE Endorsement and has a Masters Degree in Social Work. Talley has worked extensively with refugee populations and has published curriculum regarding Supporting the Immigrant Work Force through the Humphrey Institute of Public Policy.

Talley is also a clinical Aroma therapist and creates her own products under the label Sublime Thyme Aromatherapy. Currently she works at the American International School QSIB teaching IB Psychology and as the School Counselor and ECC Coordinator. She has published articles in both educational and homeopathic journals.

Talley has lived in United States, Thailand, Republic of Georgia, China and has been in Bratislava for 5 years. In her free time she enjoys weaving, reading, soap making, and spending time with her husband and two small children. Her favorite place in her home is the ‘Potions Room’ where she provides homeopathic treatments to friends and family.

Talley conducts several informative workshops on topics related to Education, Parenting, Psychology, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Home Remedies to name a few!