Eva Mamrillová


“My belief is that we all have the responsibility for our lives and health in our hands. Circumstances can influence us deeply on a subconsious level, however, it is up to us to bring it into consciousness and give up on the limitating programs. The instructors can offer space and tools to overcome the challenges of our life, but the work itself must be done by each individual.”

Eva Mamrillová is a yoga teacher in the Bratislava center which is primarily focused on working  with clients on the individual basis. She has been doing yoga for several years now and it naturally became her day-to-day routine and now work, too. Meditation and yoga go hand in hand. When she started to seek for the workshops where she could learn something about meditation she found Heartfulness. After some time she started to join the sessions regularly and helped with translation into Slovak. Later on, she happily accepted our offer to join a Heartfulness Meditation Program in India where she spent a month and became an instructor of the Meditation.

Apart from yoga and meditation she is also interested in aromatherapy. She attends plentiful courses and workshops to widen her knowledge about the body, mind and soul. Recently she participated in a certified Yin Yoga Teacher training and course of Integral Yoga Therapy.