Simone Kuipers

Simone Kuipers is a young and talented dancer from Netherlands. She graduated from the MBO Dance Haarlem academy as a dance teacher specializing in teaching children and international folk dance.

Her expertise includes:
odern jazz
Urban & musical dances

Besides that she has danced in a number of international folk dance ensembles and traveled to different countries to study their folk dance. She is currently studying at Slovak folk dance at VŠMU, the performing arts academy in Bratislava.

Simone will teach dance classes for both adults & children starting 2 years of age. Every 3 – 4 weeks, she will set up a new theme & decorate the studio within the theme. By playing dance related games and using our fantasy she will train their musicality. The students are taught how to use every body part and the instructor lets them play with ways of moving (slow, fast, high, low, smooth, Staccato) so that they learn the basics of moving and dance on a playful and creative way!

Performing Dance Teacher Graduate from the MBO Dance Haarlem Academy  (Netherlands) specializing in teaching children and international folk dance.

In 2014 completed the certificate ‘Docent Dreumes Dans’ (Teacher Toddler Dance) at QUENO sport education The Netherlands

February 2014 and 2016 dancer at International Folklor Festival ‘Sagra del Mandorlo in fiore’ (almond-blossom festival) at Sicily, Italy

July 2015 dancer at International Folklore Festival Chateau Gombert, Marseille, France.

July 2017 dancer at international Folklore Festival ‘Folkmoot’ Atlanta, America.