Brighten Up Your Summer!



Do you find yourself wanted to provide the best of summer for your child and you wonder how? Are you at work or have other commitments? How about signing him/her into a meaningful summer camp?

Place:  Brighter Life Center, Hurbanovo námestie 5, 811 03, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dates:  8 – 12th July | 15 – 19th July | 12 – 16th August | 19 – 23th August 2019
Time:  Monday – Friday  8.00 am – 4.30 pm
Children:  5 – 13 years of age
Price:  130€ a week | 70€  1/2 week
Last Minute:  105 € a week | 50€ 1/2 week
Second child:  
80€ a week | 40€ 1/2 week
Register below or on, or +421 948 944 784

Certifified Brighter Minds program trainer:  Terézia Makovcová

Theme of the day – Leading by the Heart, Stress management, Emotions, Happiness, Positive thinking


Morning starting with positive suggestions:

„How would you like to be reminded of your inner strengths each morning? What are your wishes to create in the world?“

5 outdoor activities:
1. Železná Studienka – Horse riding + Canistherapy
2. Železná Studienka – Treasure hunt in the forest + visit of the 1st world war bunkers with a special guide & explanations
3. Magio Beach visit – activities based on the age group categories – Playing in the sand – specific instructor assigned – Beach volleyball, football, sports games – specific instructor assigned
4. Science Museum & National museum of Bratislava
5. Our dog Happy will be with us the whole time 🙂

Lunch would be provided at the place of destination, delivered by our food supplier.

Indoor activities in the morning or in the afternoon:
– Basis of Self Defense + sport games (taken by choice)
– Brain Gym – to support positive mood, focus, better memory
– Breathing exercises – to release stress and tension
– Learn & remember exercises
– Creative Intuition games – to build self-trust & confidence
– Dance – Memory games / Board games ( in age group
categories )
– Relaxation exercise with a gentle music
– Super GL Memory games ( in age group categories )
– Yoga (taken by choice)

Brighter Minds is a global Educational Initiative for children (4 -15 years). The inspiration for Brighter Minds came from the need to leave the world a better place for the next generation. Our passion for this cause has led us to explore the area of heart and discover the unlimited potential of child’s mind. Combining these learnings with values of Joy and Positivity, our aim is to make the world a Brighter place, one kid at a time. The core team comes from diverse backgrounds of technology, public health, neurosciences, child health and development, research, education ect. Our facilitators around the globe also constantly fine-tune their approach based on the sensitivity and responsiveness of each child, to provide a safe and fun learning environment.

Hurbanovo námestie 5, 811 03 Bratislava
(Right next to the Pizza shop)

Register at:, +421 948 944 784

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