Access Consciousness

Discover the simple body process that is changing the world! Our certified Access Consciousness practitioners at Brighter Life Center will offer you high quality session that you’re looking for.

Brighter Minds

Give your child a gift for a life time! This program enhances the senses of observation, intuition & cognitive abilities in children with the aid of Relaxation techniques, Alpha wave music & full brain development exercises.

Heartfulness Meditation

Join us to learn simple & effective guided relaxation, meditation techniques to reduce stress, calm your mind and improve focus. The classes are offered every week FREE of charge and open to all.

Personal Development

Ready for the next step? Join us for our workshops by highly experienced Professionals which will help you gear up for the change you’ve been aspiring for & move forward in life.


Massage does more than just relax the body and calm the mind. It keeps your body where it needs to be to keep you doing more. It deserves this time and so do you. Your body will thank you!

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga classes for all levels (beginners to advanced) in both English & Slovak are on at Brighter Life Center! You can choose from our variety of classes to improve health & promote inner balance.

* English below
Sme tím oddaných a rozmanitých ľudí, ktorí sa venujú zlepšovaniu života všetkých a v mnohých smeroch. Experimentálnym aj vedeckým prístupom poskytujeme zábavné a jednoduché spôsoby pre odhalenie skrytého potenciálu, čo vedie k celkovej pohode s ohľadom na zdravé telo, jasnejšiu myseľ a pokojnú dušu.

Darí sa nám ponechávať veciam jednoduchosť, čo prospieva prirodzenej zvedavosti objavovať a naučiť sa niečo o sebe. Niektoré z našich aktivít sú pre toto mesto a túto krajinu v súčasnosti jedinečné. Radi by sme pozvali všetkých, aby prišli a pripojili sa k nám v tomto dobrodružstve a zažili v živote krásne veci, možno doposiaľ neobjavené.

Brighter Life Centrum sa nachádza v samom srdci centra Bratislavy a je ľahko dostupné verejnou dopravou.

We are a team of passionate and diverse practitioners dedicated to improving the life of all on many levels. With both experimental and scientific approach we provide everyone with fun & easily manageable ways, to unravel ones hidden potential leading to overall well being for a healthy body, brighter mind & peaceful soul.

We thrive to keep things simple, that makes up for the natural curiosity to learn and discover oneself. Some of our activities are very unique to this city and this country as per today. We would like to invite all to come and join us on this adventure to experience the beautiful things in life that may still lie untapped.

Brighter Life Center is located in the very heart of the Bratislava city center and is easily accessible by public transport.

Events / Workshops

Home made Organic Essential Oils

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Available everyday

Access Consciousness

Zoznámte sa s našim tímom


Price for each session – 40€ for 1.5 hours

Special offer – 3 sessions for 100€ **

**You can share it with anyone & use it as long as you want.

How to become a Member?
It’s easy… NO membership fee involved.
If you have purchased just one time any of our activities:
– Classes (Dance, Karate-Self Defence, Yoga)
– Products (Organic Essentail Oils)
– Services (Access Consciousness Healing, Massage)
– Workshops
you’re eligible to be a member of Brighter Life Center!